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"The fastest, most efficient way to tie a balloon"
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Tie Any Balloon In Seconds With
Tie a Ribbon On a
Balloon In Seconds With
Ribbon Tie-a-Balloon
Standard Tie-a-Balloon Ribbon Tie-a-Balloon in action. Only
for each
Ribbon Tie-a-Balloon Ribbon Tie-a-Balloon in action.
Good for Office Parties, Birthdays, Fund Raisers
Anywhere You Need to Tie Lots of Balloons
•No more finger pinching •For all ages 8 to 80!
•Tie any size balloon up to 36" •Make any size balloon arch with ease
•No more expensive balloon clips, discs, and seals •Good for people with arthritis or handicaps
Basic Tie-a-Balloon Video Ribbon Tie-a-Balloon Video


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